Sisi believe in quality and in elegance, Sisi believe in passion and to feel amazing: care for detail, refined look and femininity are in its soul.

Sisi represents the history of tights in Italy. Since 1925 it has been the protagonist of the female world.

Sisi is the brand that means quality and style in the fashion world, it is the absolute glamour brand of ladies hosiery and tights. Sisi has been able to export its style all over the world with vast distribution in Europe, Russia and Middle East.
The Sisi woman is young but with clear ideas about style. She is determined and sure, she is always cool and trendy.
Sisi is irresistibly original, progressive and sensual, and always presents new ideas. Sisi tights are not only accessories, but a must for all women who pay attention to fashion trends and love fine details.
There are two lines of stockings and tights, suitable for any occasion:

SISI CLASSIC lines, high in quality and crafted with special comfort yarns making them very comfortable for any occasion.
SISI MODA lines , rich in colour and design for a modern look, funny and sexy including a range of knee and ankle-highs.

A long tradition of quality is down to innovation, taking into consideration the needs of different types of consumers.
Sisi aims to give a complete look with different lines from outwear to leggings, underwear to beachwear are all sitting next to tights in the stores GOLDEN POINT. Sisi collections have plenty of styles that match quality with originality.
In 2014 SISI launched the line Touch Effect, the new seamless tights that combine high quality of Lycra 3D yarns with seamless technology. Beauty and comfort for the legs. Once again SISI is changing the concept of leg beauty.